Tioga Paddle Trail

The Tioga County leg of the Susquehanna River offers paddlers of all ages and experience a fun and relaxing adventure on the water. With several boat launches throughout the county, the trail is easily accessible and can be enjoyed in different lengths, from a day-trip to a short paddle. This portion of the Susquehanna is nestled between tree covered hills and is serene and scenic. Expect to see a lot of birds, including the Great Blue Heron, Egrets and Bald Eagles. 

Before you go…

This section of the Susquehanna is generally free of obstacles, does not have many rapids, and is relatively calm. However, it is prone to flooding, so check river levels here and assess weather conditions before you launch. Keep an eye on the direction and speed of the wind as that can affect how long it takes you to complete a trip, return safely to your launch point, go upstream or paddle against the wind. Be sure to bring plenty of water, food and sunscreen. Water shoes are suggested as areas of the banks are muddy and can be slippery and unsecured sandals or loose shoes can get stuck and come off. You can purchase water shoes, dry bags and other paddling accessories at Route 96 Power and Paddle. They also have a test pond and occasionally rent kayaks, but you will need your own transportation.

Suggested Itineraries

Short Paddles (Same launch and end point): Approximately 2 miles and 1-2 hours* without stops, some upstream paddling required.

 – Marshland Road Boat Launch: Paddle around Hiawatha Island. Entry point to the island trails is on the North side of the island (see google map). Return to the Marshland Road Boat Launch.

 – Hickories Park Boat Launch: Paddle upstream to Hiawatha Island. Continue around the island for a slightly longer paddle. Return to Hickories Park Boat Launch.

Day Trips (Separate launch and end points): Approximately 5-7 miles downstream and 2-5* hours without stops

– Launch at Apalachin Boat Launch and travel 5 miles downstream toward Hiawatha Island. End at Marshland Road Boat Launch. Suggested stop at Hiawatha Island.

– Launch at Marshland Road Boat Launch and travel 5 miles downstream to the Owego Creek Boat Launch. Suggested stops: Hiawatha Island, Hickories Park (public restrooms available), MJ’s Bar and Restaurant (restrooms for customers available), and Owego Riverwalk. Click the location on the google map for details or scroll down. 

– Launch at the Owego Creek Boat Launch and travel 7 miles downstream to the East Nichols Boat Launch and travel downstream to the East Nichols Boat Launch.

Hiawatha Island

Hiawatha Island is across from the Marshland Road Boat Launch. It is 112 acres with trails, places to sit, a viewing tower and old buildings and equipment from a working farm that once operated on the island.

Stay Riverside

There’s nothing like a river view any time of the year! You can camp on the river in a tent or RV at Hickories Park. Or choose from three river side hotels right next to Hickories Park and just a mile from the historic Village of Owego

MJ’s Bar and Restaurant 

MJ’s Bar and Restaurant has great food, specialty drinks, and a deck overlooking the river. You can pull up to the bank and enjoy a rest and refreshments. You’ll have to do a little scramble up the bank, but it’s worth it!

Village of Owego

The Village of Owego is a charming, walkable town with shops, restaurants and galleries. You can access the village from the stairs the connect the river to the Owego Riverwalk. There’s no place to tie up, so you have to pull your boat up the stairs. You can leave them under the deck at the Visitor Center at the top of the stairs. There is no place to secure them, so leave them at your own risk, but it is generally a safe place to do so during the daylight hours.