The 112 acre historic Hiawatha Island rests in the Susquehanna River between Owego and Apalachin. It was once a popular recreational site for locals, a riverboat destination, a working farm and the site of a grand hotel.  

 The island is now a nature preserve and home to hundreds of flora and fauna species, including several listed on the state endangered species listing. Currently, a nesting pair of bald eagles calls Hiawatha home. Remnants of the hotel and farm buildings are accessible from the trails that allow guided exploration of the island on foot. It a favorite stop on the Tioga Paddle Trail. 

 Click HERE for an article about the history of Hiawatha Island by Life in the Finger Lakes magazine. 

 Hiawatha Island is owned and managed by Waterman Conservation Center.  

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Accessible from a boat launch on the western end of Marshland Road in Owego, just a few miles from NYS17/I86 and Hickories Park depending on river conditions.