By Ian Barrett-Sargent 

The Tioga Arts & Agriculture Trail 

Have you been looking for something NEW to do on Mothers Day weekend this year? Join us May 11 & 12 for the Tioga Arts and Agriculture Trail (TAAT).  The trail is a self guided tour of artist studios, gallery spaces, and farms across Tioga County, New York. This is a great opportunity to spend time with the family, explore the local area, and meet your local artists and farmers! 

How it Works

Guests of the trail are encouraged to create self-guided tours with over 20 participating locations, with 26 participants, that span over 26 miles across the county! There are a variety of activities, food, tours, and culture to experience out on the trail this year. For more information about stops out on the trail visit the Tioga Arts & Ag Trail website. 

New Artists to The Trail

You will see many talented artists out on the trail as you explore the different stops. However, some of the newer artist to this event include: 

  • – Chris Knickerbocker at Old Souls Home: Lake Street, Owego, NY
  • – Lisa Bystrack at Rusty & Jewel: Lake Street, Owego, NY
  • – Lisa McQueeney at The Camera’ Eye: Lake Street, Owego, NY
  • – Jamie Wahls with a Pop-Up Gallery at Riverow Bookshop: Front Street, Owego NY. 

The Village of Owego has interesting shops, walkable streets, and great eateries. You can plan a very nice day out on the town by picking a few stops on the trail, go to lunch at one of the local restaurants, and pop out to a farm or two! For information about Owego and a map of the parking areas in the village check out the Owego Historic Marketplace website. 

Pop-Up Galleries

I always really enjoy the pop-up locations on the trail because there is a nice synergy between the artist and the location of the space! When you are planing your day out on the trail make sure you include one or more pop-up’s in your plan. This year there many great options to choose from right in Owego:

  • – “Collections of Owego” exhibition that celebrates views along the Riverwalk and Riverow at Experience Tioga in the new Gateway Building: Front Street. 
  • – Suzanne M. Lachman Pop-up Gallery at Glen Park Vineyards from 1 – 5 pm Sat. and Sun: Allen Glen Road.
  • – Diana Talcott, of My Girlfriend’s Jewelry Box, will set-up “shop” at the Tioga County Arts Council and have a make-and-take earring activity: Front Street.
  • – Jamie Wahls with a Pop-Up Gallery at Riverow Bookshop: Front Street. 

Fun Out on The Farm

We have always had a really nice time driving through the countryside checking out the farms on the trail. This season there are  4 participating farms that are opening their doors to the public. Get to know your local farmer by taking a farm tour or buying the local products they produce. One of my favorite places to go for a tour is Kingbird Farm in Berkshire, NY. They have a lot of cool animals and greenhouses filled with interesting flowers and succulents. They also have a great little farm store that is certified organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC (a USDA accredited certifier) for their produce, pastures, pork, chickens, ducks, and eggs. I think some of the most delicious meals I have made have included farm-fresh local ingredients. You just can’t beat having the freshest ingredients and knowing exactly where your food comes from! For more information about other farms you can visit on the trail, visit the TAAT website

A Quick Trip to The Country

Just a 5 minute drive outside of the village you will discover another really great cluster of stops to check out on the south side of Owego. This popular circuit will lead you to a nice varitey of artists with different styles and mediums. Not only will you find yourself discovering really nice works of art, but the natural beauty of the countryside makes for a beautiful car ride this time of year!

Artists on the south side circuit include:

  • – Cloud Croft Studios, featuring artwork by Betty Bryden–a celebrated regional artist. 
  • – Leaky Pond Studios, studio of Michael Husted – abstract painter, sculptor, and jeweler. 
  • – Stanton Hill Studios, studio of T. Benjamin Hobbs – expert woodworker and craftsman, and Yvonne Hobbs, abstract sculptor. 

Tioga Arts Council

Through exhibitions, performances, education and cultural experiences, the Tioga Arts Council provides a central platform for a creative community. The Tioga Arts Council, TAC, enriches the cultural lives of residents and visitors by initiating and facilitating creative opportunities and collaborations. You can find out more information about the Tioga Arts Council and the Tioga Arts and Ag Trail by visiting their websites, or stopping into TAC located at 179 Front Street, Owego, NY. 

A Great Day on The Trail

I have always had a really nice time visiting all of the locations out on the Tioga Arts & Ag Trail through out the past few seasons. The best way to experience the trail is to pick a variety of stops, and mix and match places you know with new locations you might not be familiar with. 

The first time that this event was coordinated I remember going out and really being so impressed with all of the cool places and people we have in our local community. I never knew how many foods that can be purchased directly from our farms here in Tioga County. In fact we made an entire meal out of local meats, produce, and wine from the last trail event!

One of the things that make our region special is the wonderful community of people that are doing neat things in our area! From local farmers and artists to craft brewers and restaurants. Enjoy an delightful taste of arts and culture this season out on the Tioga Arts & Ag Trail!!