By: Megan Griffiths, Agricultural Specialist for Tioga County Economic Development.


Looking for fresh, local, produce, meat, cheeses, and more? Look no further than the farm stores right here in Tioga County! Buying from a local farm store means supporting Tioga County agricultural businesses, generational farming families and having fresh and nutritional food. There is nothing better in summer than a freshly picked tomato or a strawberry straight from the farm! 

Visit the First Organic Dairy Farm in the United States

That’s right, Engelbert Farms, a dairy farm located in Nichols, has been certified organic since 1984. And there’s no better place to get all of their certified organic products than at the Engelbert Farms Store and Creamery, located in the historic creamery building on West River Road in Nichols. Not only can you buy their farm raised certified organic beef, pork, veal, cheese and vegetables, but they also carry products from other local farms, such as eggs, maple syrup, raw honey, and berries.  While you are there, be sure to pick up some of their baked goods as well.

My Pick: The Sweet Rolls!

Stoughton Farm is More than a Maze!

Stoughton Farm in Newark Valley is well known for its annual fall-time Corn Maize, but did you know they also have a farm store full of fresh, local goodies? Open daily, Stoughton’s Farm Store is filled with fresh local produce, including their own greens, squashes, potatoes, and of course tasty sweet corn! You can also find baked goods, beef, cheeses, maple syrup, and honey along with a variety of annuals and perennials from their greenhouse. Located right on Route 38 between Owego and Dryden, Stoughton’s is a must stop for all things fresh and local. 

Kingbird Farm Self-Serves Up All Things Local 

If you’re in Berkshire, be sure to stop at Kingbird Farm’s Self-Serve Farm Store! Offering a wide array of organic products, here you will find food that is good and good for you.  Not only can you buy certified organic poultry, meats, vegetables and herbs, but also be sure to check out their unique selection of plants in their greenhouse. Kingbird has a wide variety of houseplants, passion flowers, and tropical plants that will be sure to brighten up your day. 

Side Hill Acres Goat Farm and Store is Candor’s One-Stop-Shop 

What can’t you buy at Side Hill Acres Farm Store?! They sell anything and everything local, from fresh beef, pork, and eggs, to goat milk soaps and lotions, to a collection of unique gift items. And of course, don’t forget their New York State award winning goat cheese. They have every kind of goat cheese imaginable, made from just four ingredients: goat milk, cheese culture, vegetable rennet, and salt.  There’s a reason their goat cheese is known across New York state-it’s delicious! 

Iron Kettle Farm is More than Pumpkins

When I used to think of Iron Kettle Farm in Candor, I thought of visiting the farm as a kid in the fall and picking out the perfect pumpkin. Now, I think of a great farm store that offers three seasons of local goodness. Stop by their greenhouse in the beginning of summer to get all of your flower and vegetable plants. As the weather gets warmer, you can stop in to pick up local produce, including my favorite, tomatoes! Be sure to pick up some fresh eggs or some of their homemade jam while you’re there too. Of course, be sure to stop back in the fall to pick out that perfect pumpkin. 

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